sulumits retsambew

What is sulumits retsambew? I know sulumits retsambew from the google search engine. It is a keyword phrase that is used as a keyword phrase on seo competition. The contest held by Will Spencer. Do you know Will Spencer? me either :D , but it's ok.

The contest is long enough, that is 5 months.
Start Date: March 15, 2009
Finish Date: 15 August, 2009 - High Noon GMT
First Place: $1,000
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $250

I know that i'm too late to know this seo contest, but it does not matter. I'm learning seo and i would like to try my skill in this seo contest. I follow it with my simple experience.

Interested? just register directly to sulumits retsambew

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  1. paula said...

    thanks for the great info...

  2. seolanding said...

    u welcome. check your blog, especially "Gratis Starterpack Simpati Pede". that's okay?

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